About Me...

Who are you and why are you writing this blog anyway?

I'm Luke Levine, I was on a ship heading somewhere I didn't want to go and had the opportunity to jump. So I did....

Having worked in banking for the past 15 years in various sales and trading roles, I'm now on a life raft finding my way to the new crypto world. I have a Masters degree in Finance and some good experience so I think I have the oars to get me there.


Seriously though, I like writing stuff, I love cryptocurrencies and I really want people to see the direction in which they can take us. I'm switching my career path to crypto and this is part of that journey. 

In my spare time you'll find me running, biking and running some more. I really like the outdoors. Maybe I'll post about that occasionally.


Overall though, I really do hope you find some value in my blogs. They are meant to form a story over time to gradually piece together the crypto space. Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or topics you'd like to hear about, there's an easy link at the top of the page.