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Just Start!

What am I afraid of? Acrophobia, the fear of heights. Autophobia, the fear of being alone. Claustrophobia, the fear of confined or crowded spaces. Nope, none of those.

Vacansopapurosophobia, the fear of a blank page? Maybe that. There's nothing less productive that procrastinating, staring at a blank screen with the cursor flashing. I've been doing it for a while and I'm pretty good at it. However, it ends today! As the titte says, just start.

The topic of this (educational) blog will be, as pretty clear by the title, cryptocurrencies. If you've ever sat down with me in a pub then you've probably heard the abbreviated version about why I like them. From experience, the innebriated pub version is not the most compelling, so I'm going to start from scratch with the total basics and put the crypto puzzle together piece by piece. The result will be resource that can be referred back to over time, heck I might even turn it into a book.

We'll start in the next post about what crypto currencies are and what they look like. Whether you're a newcomer or an avid follower of the space, I hope and think you'll find this useful. I've a lot to share, there's a long road ahead and I hope you'll join me on it. I'll try and publish around 3 times per week, so please subscribe so you don't miss a post :)

Chat soon,


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